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值此小朋友們暑假即將來臨,特對出USD125  動畫套餐系列(限量100臺),希望他們能夠度過一個愉快和充實的暑假假期。
The summer vacation will coming,we now lauch a new promotion of cartoons for all children(only 100 pcs for promotion),we do hope that they can have the wonderful summer holiday.
提供優惠碼17coupon99選購BlueTV即可享受優惠USD23.99 /台的特殊優惠!!!(原價USD148.99,現特價USD125.00 美國和澳洲客戶本土直接發貨,USPS/AU Post 2-3個工作日免費送達
Please use the coupon code "17coupon99" get the speacial price of discount USD23.99.All the package will be send via USPS from local USA or AU post from Australia,Only need 2-3 working days shipping time.


2017新BlueTV 香港/台灣/中國互聯網現場直播盒Wifi 1080p IPTV TVPAD4高清電視媒體電視盒
*全球美加歐洲華僑適用*可播X頻道*一年保修免費更換*永不停止服務*Ship within 24 hours*
Blue TV安卓網絡電視機頂盒
支持安裝YouTube / XBMC / Netflix等第三方應用
美國/澳洲/加拿大客戶本土直接發貨,USPS/AU POST 2-3天免費送達!!!

2017 NEW BlueTV Hongkong /Taiwan/China Internet Live Streaming Box Wifi 1080p IPTV TVPAD4 HD H.TV Media TV BOX
* Global USA and Canada European Overseas Chinese Applicable * Can broadcast X channel * One year warranty free replacement * Never stop service * Ship within 24 hours *
 BlueTV Andrews network TV set - top box
TVpad perfect upgrade product
Provide 100+ Hong Kong and Taiwan channels and foreign live channel
Supports installation of third-party applications such as YouTube / XBMC / Netflix
US /AU/CA customers directly shipped, USPS/AU POST 2-3 days free delivery !!!

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