2018 TVPAD4 Fix and Upgarde Service TVchina NEW BlueTV Internet Live Streaming TV China

2018 TVPAD4 Fix and Upgarde Service TVchina NEW BlueTV Internet Live Streaming TV China

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What’s TVChina:

TVChina app can install onto any Android box 4.4.2 or higher. It provides 80+ HongKong/Taiwan/Mainland China live tv channels, 72 hours playback for 30+ channels and tons of VOD.

What’s the difference between SFTV and TVChina?

SFTV is similar to TVChina which can only be used on TVPAD4 and no need to register. TVChina can install onto other Android devices like BlueTV box, UnblockTech UBox, HTV, FunTV, MoonBox, Evpad and Small Seven box. TVChina can bring back the life of all your devices out of business.

How to install TVChina app onto TVpad4?

1)Download 3 files, TVChina app V5.0.7, and 3 installer tools.
2)Save 3 files to your USB stick, and then plug into your TVpad 4.
3)Follow the installation pop-up steps.
4)Contact our staff and ask for 7 days free trial account.

How Does It Work:

It can install onto your Android TV box like TVpad 4, H.TV, Moonbox, Unblock TV, FunTV and others Android TV Box. Sign up and everyone has 7 days free trial.

How to install:

1)Download the .apk file and install tool.

TVchina app Download 

Install Tool(Only for TVpad4)

2) Save it in the root file of your USB stick.

3) Plug the USB stick in your Android tv box, install it. Remember to follow the install steps, if there is no file explorer pre-install, you should install one. Our recommendation is ES file explorer or Xiaobai File Explorer.TVpad4 users need to download the tool via the URL above.
4)If your box is TVpad4, you need install tool first.(Download URL is above) For XiaoMi box series, please go to Settings>Security and privacy, select “allow to install the 3rd party apps”.
The VOD cannot play on Xiaomi Box 3 Enhanced Version and Amazon Fire TV, Live tv is ok.
Make sure you take note of the account number as the system can’t not able to find back your passwords.

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